Truck News, outlines ELD’s In Canada

While, it has happened, the U.S. has put truck drivers on the ELD’s.

They have been fought from the start on every corner and nock in the trucking industry. However, the U.S. stats indicate that the drivers using an electronic logging device are safer and better rested and so it has rolled through.

We at Fleetway Transport have been using the electric logging device for some time now. There had been some struggles in the beginning as we learned how to meet our customer needs and ensure the drivers were knowledgeable about the system they are using.

We can safely say now that it is successful. We know our drivers are rested, we can see their hours before they’re dispatched and the drivers say they like using the system (well, most of them say that)

Over all though, it is a system that we have embraced. We saw a while back that this was the way it was going in the trucking industry and as we are a forward thinking company, we wanted to not only be ahead of the curve, but exceed in our understanding of this new technology

Please check out this article from December 18 2017 Truck news which outlines the purposed Canadian stand on the electric logs and the purposed date to implement in Canada.

Our drivers have been using them in Canada as well as the US and so we do not see this as a Hugh issues for us as a fleet.   But with that said, there are a lot of local and Ontario only operations that will be greatly affected.

We hope the MTO recognizes these special operations and look forward to seeing how they will guide us though this new challenge.