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Upcoming Semiannual Safety Meeting - Fleetway Transport Inc

Upcoming Semiannual Safety Meeting

On November 23 2017, we will be hosting one of our semiannual safety meetings.  This meeting is required to be held twice a year as per the US DOT regulations.  The requirement is that we review and educate our drivers and staff on current regulations and industry standards.

This fall meeting is focused on distracted driving in a commercial truck.

In the media lately, we unfortunately have had a lot of truck drivers making BADS decisions and being distracted while operating their commercial truck.  We have lost lives, both trucks drivers and people they share the road with.  We feel that this is an industry problem and we want to ensure our drivers are not ever put into a similar situation.

We are focused on training our personal to ensure that they operate safely and ensure all modes of distraction such as cell phones; GPS and radio stations are set prior to operation and remain silent while the driver is on the road.

Fleetway Transport is leading the charge against this problem. We have installed electronic systems in our truck that our drivers use to send messages back and forth with our dispatchers.  These devices lock while the truck is in motion, therefore preventing a driver from sending messages while on the road.  As well, we have a policy that if a driver receives a message – even from their dispatcher- they are not to look at it or respond while on the road.  This is a policy that all drivers sign of on at the point of hire.  In the policy as well, we outline the requirements to use blue tooth devices, but also provide training to help understand that this device is also a distraction.

All our drivers are trained in distracted driving and it is our strongest hope that our model will roll out to other fleets and ensure that ALL trucks operating on our roads do so safely and with distraction.